Strongbow 'Chained' LP + CD

Strongbow 'Chained' LP + CD

The fourth album by STRONGBOW is their best so far.
Ok, that's a phrase, but "Chained" is fast and relaxed, it's catchy and tough at the same time.
To summarize: the album has a lot of the smooth feeling of the bands that influenced them a lot such as SOCIAL DISTORTIONS, THE GENERATORS or BOUNCING SOULS.
But don't get me wrong, this is not the next copy of a copy.
The band is keeping their own style, they do street punk but they surprise the listener with their talent of putting in refreshing elements, such as female background-singers or mixing in uncommon instruments.
Try a dose of STRONGBOW!
Layout was made by Pete MacPhee who also worked for bands such as DROPKICK MURPHYS. 
Bone with black haze vinyl, limited to 300 copies.


14 EUR