Regimen 's/t' 12"

Regimen 's/t' 12"

Regimen hails from Gothenburg, Sweden. Their self-titled 16 track debut LP is recorded in Evil Grill Studio (Massmord, Skitkids, Irrbloss and Anatomi-71) and runs for almost 40 minutes. Regimen which have raised from the ashes of Commitment Crew (Crucial Response Records  / Instigate Records) and have with their hardcore background both evolved and devolved that sound to everything between a snotty frenetic and raw Minor Threat to a melodically sing-a-long styled Masshysteri sounding KBD act. 


This debut album is without a doubt one of the most interesting Swedish hardcore debuts in a long time and is for the interests for fans of old-school hardcore and the new breed of Swedish hardcore like Sista Sekunden, UX Vileheads and Fy Fan!

10 EUR