Questions 'Pushed out...of society' LP + CD

Questions 'Pushed out...of society' LP + CD

Admired by the Cavalera brothers and Freddy Cricien among others, the Brazilian band Questions resleases it's fifth album "Pushed out.. of Society". In 2015 the band is celebrating it's 15th anniversary non stop.
The record push further their own style of hardcore, mixing their traditional elements with new beats and grooves. The lyrics have more direct anti-racist, anti-homophobic messages and, at the same time, bring a positive perspective on the problems of living in a third world country.
There's a few guests on the record:
"Cheap Talk" was co-writen by Matt Henderson, former Agnostic Front and Madball guitar player. "The Same Blood" have lyrics and guests vocals by Rodrigo Lima of the Brazilian band Dead Fish. Andrew Kline (Strife) and Nick Jett (Terror) co-written and recorded "We're not Alone" and finally, Iggor Cavalera recorded drums on the Sepultura classic "Troops of Doom".
The album was recorded at El Rocha studios in Sao Paulo and was mastered by Paul Miner at Buzzbomb studios in California.

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